1. Does Medicare or health insurance cover a stairlift?

Unfortunately, Medicare does not currently provide any funding for stairlifts. Neither do most private health insurance providers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield. In some states there is funding from Medicaid under special programs, however, these programs are difficult to qualify for and often serve a very small subset of disabled people. Our advice is to write a letter to your congressman. Use your voice. This usually get their attention!

2. Is it difficult to operate or use a stairlift?

All of the Bruno stairlifts lifts are very easy to operate. There are two simple tasks required of the user; hold the toggle switch on the end of the arm until the lift stops at the top landing, then simply swivel the seat so your feet are now on the top landing in the same direction as if you were walking up the stairs. Even though swiveling at the top is very easy, some individuals choose to install an optional seat motor which does the swiveling for them.

3. How do you get off the stairlift at the top of the landing?

This is perhaps one of the most common questions we receive. Many people are concerned that their loved one will have to step into the stairs to get on and off at the top landing. Fortunately, this is not the case. All Bruno stairlifts are equipped with a seat swivel which allows the user to easily swivel their seat at the top so that their feet are securely planted on the top landing. Further adding to their safety and comfort, the seat acts as a barrier to prevent them from falling down the stairs while they get on and off their lift.

Bruno Custom curved stairlifts have the capability to run on a continuous rail to maneuver around bends and landings without requiring the user to switch chairs, making it easy to drive the lift up multiple landings. The curved lift also allows for the chair to navigate around the top of the stairs enabling it to park inconspicuously out of the way. This feature is only available on curved lifts. Bruno curved lifts cost more than straight lifts. Make sure to ask your sales consultant what type of lift suits your needs the best.

4. Is the stairlift going to be loud, or smell like grease or oil? Is it going to be an “eyesore”?

Bruno stairlifts are surprisingly quiet. They have no oily smell and take up much less of the stairs than other brand models. Curved stairlifts require more track joints but are still incredibly quiet. As to the “eyesore” question, well, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We can tell you that once a lift is installed there are two common comments. First, “Hey, it’s not ugly at all”. Second, “We should have done this sooner!”

5. How long will this take? What’s the process?

Straight Bruno stairlifts are usually in stock units which are cut to fit your stairs. An evaluation is typically done within 1 – 2 days of your request and installation is completed in as little as 24 – 48 hours after your order is placed. If you need is urgent we can occasionally rally the troops and evaluate and install on the same day!

Curved stairlifts are custom built and require a longer time frame. We engineer a drawing using a sophisticated photo survey system to ensure a perfect fit. Turnaround time for custom Bruno curved lift is approximately 3 – 4 weeks from order date.

6. How does it go up and down the stairs? Chain drive?

Bruno has been using Rack & Pinion for decades. Many different drive systems have been used, however, over 90% of today’s lifts use a “Pack & Pinion” drive system. This system has proven itself to be quiet, reliable, and low maintenance.

7. Does it go on the wall or on the stairs? Will it damage my stairs or house?

Bruno stairlifts attach directly to the stairs using a patented bracket system. Some of our stairlifts require as few as three brackets while more complicated curved stairlifts can require as many as 10 brackets.

Lots of people imagine large holes being drilled into their stairs or walls. Fortunately, this is not the case. The brackets Bruno created to support the track are secured using relatively small (approximately 3/16’’) standard wood screws. Bruno stairlifts have been designed to spread the weight and load across your entire staircase, reducing the need for large reinforcement planks of ancient times.

8. Will my stairlift work if the power goes out?

You’ll enjoy having peace of mind knowing that your Bruno stairlift is equipped with a battery backup device, so it will continue working even when the power goes out.

9. Does somebody have to come out and measure my stairs? Do I have to let someone in my home?

Yes, we do need to measure your stairs and assess your particular requirements to make sure that your Bruno stairlift fits your staircase and meets your needs. Our assessments are no-obligation and free of charge. They usually take no longer than an hour, depending on the staircase. We respect everyone’s space, that’s why there’s no high pressure sales, just expert friendly advice.

10. Can I install the stairlift myself? Would I be able to let my contractor/neighbor/friend install the stairlift?

The answer is, it’s possible, but highly not recommended. The installation should be done by a highly skilled trained installer, as you are dealing with a heavy item. The warranty will also become an issue if not installed by a professional and Bruno certified technician.

Our stairlifts are sold as a complete package which includes professional installation so we can ensure the product is installed with the highest safety precautions. Having our Bruno certified professional (and licensed where applicable) stairlift technicians complete the job also enables us to honor your 5 year warranty.