Model PUL-1100

Sit in the front seat of your truck, connect the Out-Rider’s docking device to your mobility device, press the button to lift and rotate your manual wheelchair, scooter or powerchair into the truck bed — you’re ready to hit the road. Consider adding a Bruno turning seat or Stow-Away to make getting in and out of your truck even easier.

Made in the USA



  • Reliable, rugged design to withstand harsh outdoor elements
  • Variety of outer arms for different cab models
  • Standard and heavy-duty lifting capacities
  • Hand-held control
  • Fully powered, fast operation
  • Docking device included
  • Driver or passenger installations available
  • Hook n’ Go carabineer docking device (for manual chairs)
  • Easy to remove or install in another applicable vehicle
  • Eligible for auto manufacturer potential rebates

All sales, installation and service provided by factory-authorized Bruno Dealer


Bruno's Out-Rider Scooter Lift Pendant Kit

Driver Door Panel Control Switches

Control the Out-Rider from driver door rather than hand-held control

Passenger Side Model

Convenient for a passenger with limited mobility

User Requirements

Bruno's Out-Rider Scooter Lift
  • Adequate balance, hand dexterity and strength to attach docking device
  • Lean over from a standing position; or, sitting in the vehicle and leaning out of the vehicle; or, sitting on optional Valet Signature Seating and very minimal leaning over; or sitting on optional Stow-Away seat supported by the safety arm


  • Lifting capacity:

Standard: 100lb/45kg or 200lb/90kg; Heavy Duty: 350 lb/159 kg

  • Pickup box size:

5 ½’, 6 ½’, 8’

  • Installed weight: Standard:

80 lb/36 kg; Heavy Duty: 90 lb/41 kg

  • 3-year limited warranty
Out-Rider Equipment