Out-Sider Micro Scooter Lift

Model ASL-225

Easily transport your 3-wheel travel scooter with Bruno’s lightest exterior scooter lift: The Out-Sider Micro Scooter Lift.

The Out-Sider Micro power lifts your unoccupied travel scooter, weighing up to 145 lbs/66 kg, with the push of a button. The R3 Lift Belt/Motor is practically silent when in use.

The Out-Sider Micro has a low-profile design. The exclusive “lift mast angle adjustment” minimizes any rear-vision obstruction because it fits tighter to your vehicle. With the Out-Sider Micro, you’re ready to travel light!

This exterior scooter lift installs on vehicles using a Class I sport or Class II receiver hitch with 12 in/30.5 cm or less ground-to-hitch receiver clearance. The gas spring assist provides easy “fold/unfold” of the lift platform. The safety latch prevents unintentional lowering of the lift platform.

Contact Medical City Mobility as your local authorized Bruno stair lift dealer for courteous consultations, price quotes, and expert installations.

Proudly made in the USA

Out-Sider Micro Scooter Lift Highlights

  • Power raise/lower platform
  • Manual platform fold when lift not in use
  • Safety latch prevents unintentional lowering
  • Angle adjustment feature allows lift to nestle close to vehicle
  • Control arm allows operation from a safe distance
  • Manual backup system for peace of mind
  • Potential to reinstall in another applicable vehicle
  • Eligible for auto manufacturer potential rebates

All sales, installation and service provided by factory-authorized Bruno Dealer

Out-Sider Micro Scooter Lift Options

Swing Away Out-Sider Lift


Easily access hatch/cargo space.

Cover for Out-Sider Lift

Vinyl Cover

All-weather mobility device protection

Out-Sider Micro Scooter Lift User Requirements

Bruno's Out-Sider Micro Scooter Lift
  • Walk from front to rear of vehicle and vice versa
  • Stand for two to three minutes
  • Release platform and unfold
  • Hold down button on control arm to power platform up/down
  • Drive scooter on/off platform

Out-Sider Micro Scooter Lift Specs

  • Lift capacity:

145 lb/66 kg

  • Max 3-wheel scooter dimensions:

24 in/61 cm (W) x 36 in/91 cm (L)

  • Installed weight w/o Swing-Away:

68 lb/31 kg

  • Installed weight w/Swing-Away:

105 lb/48 kg

  • Overall height:

35 in/89 cm from hitch

  • Hitch class:

II or III (receiver hitch required)

  • Hitch height:

9 in/23 cm to 12.25 in/51 cm

  • 3-year limited warranty
Bruno's Out-Sider Microlift Hitch